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Chloralieve lozenges have a range of features that may benefit your patients. They have a pharmacy-only, dual-action formula that numbs pain and fights infection.

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When & Why To Recommend Chloralieve

There has been an important change in the over-the-counter (OTC) medicines available for sore throats. Lozenges that contain antibiotics are no longer available OTC because of the potential of antimicrobial resistance. For patients who want a dual action product that helps to numb pain and fight infection, Chloralieve can help.

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Interactive Chloralieve E-Learning Module (5 mins)

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Product information/ingredients

Chloralieve lozenges have a range of ingredients that can numb the pain of a sore throat and help fight infection. Below you can find a full list of the ingredients contained in each of the flavour options.

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Symptoms & Advice

Sore throats are commonly seen in pharmacy settings. In many cases, they are self-limiting conditions and don’t require treatment with antibiotics. Now that sore throat lozenges containing antibiotics are no longer available, as a healthcare practitioner (HCP) it’s important that you’re up to date on the alternatives available so that you can handle queries from patients.

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